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Herramienta cloud para la gestión, seguimiento y monitorización de modelos de prevención de riesgos legales y Sistemas de gestión de Compliance.

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Lawyers & consultants

Lawyers and Consultants, expert professionals in defense and legal protection, prevention and management of regulatory compliance.

We provide comprehensive and personalized solutions.

Legal & compliance

Privacy Compliance | Legal Advisors | PBCFT


We are a company with more than twenty years of experience in legal consulting and advice for the management of Regulatory Compliance. The track record and experience of our Lawyers and Consultants makes us a highly qualified team.

UBT Compliance

Lawyers and Consultants, expert professionals in prevention and compliance management.


Software to manage and monitor your legal risks in real time, in addition to complying with current regulations.

UBT Legal

Lawyers specialized in business law, digital law, cybersecurity, expert opinion, procedural and pre-litigation


Legal e-learning for training in Regulatory Compliance, Cybersecurity and Legal Prevention for companies and individuals.

KEY Auditors

Independent auditors who are experts in various legal audits and internal audits according to international standards (ISO).

What do we do

We are a law firm and legal consultancy with more than twenty years of experience, which integrates technology into processes.


Extensive experience of more than 20 years that allows to prevent, manage and mitigate legal risks, while assisting in the processes of compliance with current regulations on Compliance, Money Laundering (PBCFT) and Privacy.


Optimal legal advice service for businesses and in the ICT field. Our lawyers provide specialized legal advice in criminal, commercial and civil matters, providing tailor-made solutions taking into account the relevance of the use of information technologies and legal compliance.


Based on ‘agile e-learning’, these online training programs and courses have excellent up-to-date content, practical cases, and videoconferences that allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge to learn to measure legal risks.


Adapted to the current context and the needs of each company, the Company manages and monitors legal risks in real time while facilitating compliance with current regulations.


Ethical Commitment

Our commitment to the client is based both on finding a solution that suits their needs, and on offering them the highest quality legal services.


We always seek a long-term relationship with our clients. Making them our partners so that your business develops to its maximum potential.


We put all our knowledge at the disposal of our clients to understand the business and its problems, which allows us to anticipate with proposals sensitive to their needs.


We have a team of multidisciplinary professionals of high value. Along with a service of the highest quality in consulting and legal advice.

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